Sydney Tattoo


  • Studio location?

    King St Tattoo
    192 King St Newtown (02) 9517-4190
    Our opening hours are:
    Sunday to Thursday - 11am to 7pm
    Friday - 11am to 10pm
    Saturday - 11am to 10pm

  • How old do you have to be to get tattooed?
    You must be at least 18 years of age. Valid ID (license, passport etc) is required to get tattooed.

  • I'm not 18 yet but my mum said it's ok. Will you tattoo me if she gives consent?
    Nope, sorry. We can only tattoo you if you're 18 or over. Full stop. Period. We will however tattoo your mum while you look on.

  • What's the minimum price for a tattoo?
    The studio minimum is $150.

  • How do you price tattoos?
    We price based on the piece being tattooed. The studio minimum is $110. Everything starts there and goes up depending on size, style, location and detail. Larger work of 5 or more hours, including pieces requiring multiple sessions are booked and priced at an hourly rate. The shop rate is $200 per hour. Smaller single session tattoos will be quoted by the artist after consultation, and are NOT priced at an hourly rate. All sessions are ultimately priced on an individual basis on the day of the tattoo in order to take into consideration any changes to design/size/location/detail etc. This guide however, will give you an idea of what to expect.

  • The shop down the road quoted me less for the same tattoo will you match the price?
    No. We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our work so we charge reasonable rates for quality tattooing.

  • Do you have to have an appointment to get tattooed?
    We prefer to work by appointment but gladly accept walk-ins if our schedule allows. If you don't have an appointment we do recommend calling ahead to check availability. If you are seeking larger work, we always start with an initial consultation prior to the date of the tattoo in order to fully establish design requirements, location, restrictions etc.

  • How do I make an appointment?
    To book an appointment with any of our artists, we prefer you to visit the studio first to discuss the work with our counter staff. They'll be able to advise you of suitability/availability of artists, and walk you through the initial stages of the tattoo design process. It's at this point that we'll book a consultation/tattoo with the relevant tattooer.

  • I want my whole back tattooed and know what I want...can I come in today and get it started?
    No. Larger pieces require careful consideration, thought and design on the part of the tattooer and it's just not possible to start large scale work on a client without proper consultation and appropriate time to design and draw the piece.

  • My mate has drawn up a design for looks awesome. Can you tattoo it for me?
    The majority of work done by our tattooers is drawn by them for the client. We can certainly have a look at your design to evaluate its suitability for tattooing, but can't promise we'll proceed with a job. The same applies for images found online or in books and magazines.

  • Can I put my reference pics on a USB stick to show you?
    No. You'll need to bring in your own devices (laptop, ipad, phone etc) or better yet, print out your references before you come into the studio. We don't provide facilities for you to download or print.

  • I work most days and it's hard for me to get to the studio during opening hours. Can I just book online?
    We are open 7 days and till late most nights so can fit around most peoples work hours. However if you are from interstate or from a regional area, we can make bookings via email if required. You'll need to provide us a detailed written description of what you're after, including style, desired size and location, as well as reference images. Please note however that we do NOT make any bookings or give quotes of any kind via facebook, instagram, twitter, or any other social media forums.

  • I sent an email last night and still haven't heard back. Are you ignoring me?
    No. We're a busy studio and receive a large number of emails every day. We aim to reply to each within 24 hrs of receiving, but we're only human and every now and then have other work that needs to be done (crazy, but true). Please be patient. Emails are generally a time consuming and convoluted method of communicating...if you want more immediate attention, come into the studio and talk to us in person.

  • anyway, I sent you a message on facebook and haven't heard back.
    It's more than possible. Facebook and Instagram are great ways for us to show you our work and keep you involved in the process of getting tattooed. They're not, however, where we spend our day. It's quite likely that any message sent on facebook may simply be missed by our very busy staff.

  • I want to get tattooed by a specific artist. Will they answer my emails personally?
    No. All requests are filtered through the studio manager who will liaise with each artist until a job has been fully booked. If our tattooers answered all email enquiries they'd be lucky to start a single tattoo each day. It's not that they don't like you...they'd just rather be tattooing than typing.

  • How can I pay my deposit?
    We can only accept cash payments when in the studio.

  • Deposit? Whad'ya mean?
    To make any bookings beyond the initial consult we require a deposit to set up and hold the appointment. The price of the deposit will depend on the size and design requirements of the piece being tattooed. A small piece will require $50 deposit (our minimum deposit), and a more than 3 hours will require $100. This deposit amount comes off the total price of the tattoo and is held until the final session. A great deal of work goes into setting up and preparing for an appointment. Taking a deposit gives us security to begin research and prep work, and gives us more assurance that a client is serious.

  • If I cancel my appointment or change my mind, can I just get my deposit back?
    No deposits are non-refundable. If you can't make your appointment we require at least 2 trading days notice by phone or in person or you will forfeit the deposit. If you don't show up for your appointment, you forfeit the deposit. If you cancel with more than 2 trading days notice, we can roll the deposit over to a new appointment time. Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel. Please note that we're unable to accept cancellations by facebook or email.

  • I've already had my consultation but have changed my idea. Can I just come in on the day and get the new design done?
    If you change your idea, you need to contact the studio as far in advance as possible. It takes a lot of time and work to prepare for a tattoo and it's possible that either the tattooer won't be able to get the new idea ready at such short notice, the tattooer doesn't work in the style you've now chosen, or of course, the new idea simply won't work. Yep, it's true...not everything works.

  • How do I look after my tattoo?
    We'll provide you with complete aftercare advice on the day of your appointment. You can view the same advice online at any time. The more well versed you are, and the more serious you are about looking after your tattoo, the better it will heal and last.

  • I noticed also offer laser tattoo removal. Does that mean if I get sick of my tattoo, I can just have it removed?
    While we do offer a laser tattoo removal service, in NO WAY do we treat our tattooing as anything other than permanent. We highly recommend being very certain about getting your tattoo before proceeding. Our removal service has been provided in order for us to assist our clients in getting the best tattoo result possible, not as a way to ease the decision making process for them, or infer that the tattoo is a temporary bit of fun.

  • Do your artists do coverups?
    Absolutely. We will, of course, need to see your existing tattoo before we can advise you of the best approach to achieve your desired outcome. Some tattoos can be covered up quite simply, while others may need to be lightened using laser tattoo removal before any new work can be successful. Without prior lightening, the general rule is that a cover up will need to be 2-3 times larger than the existing tattoo and use darker colours. Laser treatment is available at our Broadway Tattoo Location, and generally gives your tattooer far greater freedom in the design of the new work. See our Laser FAQ for more info or simply come into the studio to discuss your options.

  • Can you rework/finish my old tattoo?
    Possibly. We're often very limited in what we can do with an existing tattoo, whether it be from a design perspective, or due to poor condition. We'll need to see exactly what you have before we can say yes or no. If we feel we're unable to make it a better tattoo, we'll certainly let you know and may choose not to take on the job. We also don't like or encourage finishing other tattooers work, especially when they work in the same city.
  • Can I bring my child into the studio?
    Children are more than welcome at the studio, but are not permitted to come with you into the work areas.

  • Will you tattoo my neck?
    As a general rule, we won't tattoo your neck or hands unless you are VERY heavily tattooed already. And no, those few pieces of script on your left arm do not constitute "heavily tattooed".

  • Hey you don't need to worry... I know I want my face tattooed and don't care about jobs and shit like that. FTW!!
    Awesome. We respect your right to have any part of your body tattooed with whatever you want tattooed there, and ask that you respect our right to choose what we tattoo and where.

  • What about just on the inside of my little finger...or maybe under my foot...or inside my lip?????
    We aim to only do tattoos that will hold up well over time. Some areas of the body simply won't allow that and for that reason we choose not to tattoo them.

  • What about all white tattoos?
    For much the same reason, we choose not to do all white tattoos.

  • So...UV ink then??

  • about vegan inks??
    Now we're getting somewhere. We can certainly accommodate your request for vegan inks.

  • Ok, so I want to get a tattoo, but it's just for me so has to be super tiny? Can I get this highly detailed piece done small enough so that I can hide it from everyone??
    Tattoos have to be large enough to work and hold up well over time. Each design will require a different minimum size depending on many factors such as placement, detail, colours, and most importantly, design. We can advise you on the smallest each piece can be tattooed in order to age well with you. What we aim to do is give each design, and hence, each tattoo the space and placement on the body that it requires to look good forever.

  • Does it hurt?
    Yep, although some parts of the body will be more painful than others. First timers often find the experience less painful than they expected.

  • Can my friends come in and hold my hand?
    Having a friend drop in to say hello while you're getting tattooed is no problem, but having an extra person hang out with you in the work area while we are trying to prepare for and execute your tattoo is counter-productive.

  • I'm from out of town, how can I get tattooed?
    If you're not local to Sydney, we're happy to facilitate the tattoo process by conducting initial discussions as well as all consults via email. Each person's circumstances are different though, so the best thing to do is just contact the studio and let us walk you through what will be required for yours. For any firm tattoo bookings to be made, please note that we do require a deposit. Non-locals can send payment via money order.

  • How long is the waiting period?
    Anything from one day to 2 months...waiting periods vary greatly depending on the tattooer, the time of the year, the size of the tattoo, preparation required etc. We'll do our utmost to book your appointments as close to your desired schedule as possible.

  • You guys will tattoo any designs, right??
    We cover a wide range of tattoo, art and design styles at Broadway Tattoo, but if there's something we think simply won't work as a tattoo, we'll tell you.

  • If I love a particular tattooers work and have a design in mind that's not the style they usually work in, will they tattoo it for me?
    It will depend on what you have. Tattooing in different styles is about so much more than just laying out a different design on the skin. Our artists want to make sure you are getting the best possible tattoo in the style you're after, and if they don't believe they're the person best suited for a particular piece, they'll tell you. Each tattooer can, and does, work outside their areas of speciality however, so don't be afraid to ask. We'll evaluate each request on it's particular parameters and merits.

  • I'm booked in for multiple sessions to finish my tattoo. How do I pay for it?
    Each session needs to be paid for on the day. We're a cash only business, and do not have card facilities. There are several ATM machines nearby, but we recommend withdrawing money before you come to the studio. If you're unsure of the cost of each session, ask the counter staff and they'll be able to give you an idea of what to expect. Your deposit is retained until the final session, at which time it comes off the cost of that day's work.

  • Can't I just pay for the tattoo at the end of the job? That's how I usually pay for stuff?
    No. All sessions must be paid for on the day.

  • Can I come in and have the design temporarily drawn on?
    We don't offer any kind of service to provide temporary tattoo designs.

  • Can I see the artwork a week or two before the tattoo?
    Due to an extremely busy working schedule, we're often unable to provide final artwork prior to the session. With proper consultation, your tattooer will make sure they have everything ready for you on the day.