Sydney Tattoo


Searching for a unique tattoo artist in Sydney? Sydney Tattoo studio located in Sydney King St Newtown, home to some of Sydney's Best Tattoo Artists, specializing in Traditional Japanese Tattooing and European/Japanese style tattoo, Black and Grey Realism and Portraiture, Tribal, Islander and Ethnographic style tattooing. We will take your ideas, transfer them to paper and then bring them to life once you're completely satisfied with your one-off design. Looking for more than just another tattoo? Let one of our highly skilled Sydney tattoo artists design your next piece.

We pride ourselves on matching our clients with the best possible tattooer for the style they’re seeking. With years of experience, plus a huge catalog of reference to draw from, our dedicated artists can work with you to make your dream tattoo a reality. Not sure what tattoo you’re after? Have a look through our artists’ diverse portfolios below to get inspired, and then book a consult in if you need help or advice creating your next design.

Call our studio today, and arrange a time to stop by.