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Looking for a Fantastic New Tattoo? Check Out Broadway Tattoo in Glebe

Many people think that the art of tattooing is relatively recent, a 20th-century invention that has persisted into the 21st, and is getting more and more popular in today’s society. In fact, the art of tattooing is ancient, with the oldest known example going way back to 3250 BC. Tattoos are something that the ancient Egyptians and modern day life have in common, and it’s not difficult to see that tattoos are becoming more and more prevalent. With modern techniques, a multitude of different styles and artistry, and the practice becoming more and more acceptable, there’s no wonder that people are seeking out new places to have exciting and vibrant art added to their bodies.

It’s interesting to note that in Australia, as of 2015, about 15% of men have tattoos, and women aren’t too far behind with nearly 14%. There is also an increasing number of people who have more than one tattoo on their body, and have therefore fully embraced the practice of decorating themselves with art.

What, though, does this mean for the Australian tattoo industry? Well, for sure it means there is a growing need for tattoo parlours and artists. It’s an ever-expanding industry, especially as the population is growing, as well as the popularity of tattooing. If you live in the Sydney area, then we have an exciting tattoo parlour in Glebe to tell you about – Broadway Tattoo.

Tattoo Shop in Glebe with Talented Artists

The primary importance in any tattoo shop is the quality and talent of the artists. That goes without saying really, but we should emphasise that at Broadway Tattoo we have many artists who have made the art of tattooing their job and their lifestyle. With experience and passion for the job, they have a vast range of styles from which you can choose. This diversity means if you’re looking for a tattoo in Glebe, whether it’s a first tattoo, or another to add to your collection, you won’t be disappointed.

Talking of variety, if you’re seeking a new tattoo, you probably have already given some thought to what you’d like done. If, however, you need inspiration, you’ll find at Broadway Tattoo we can help in that department too. We have thousands of examples to choose from, ranging from styles including traditional, tribal, realism, watercolour, neo-traditional, and more.

Custom Designs for People Seeking Something Unique

Not everyone wants a common design; we realise that. After all, it’s your body, and there’s a strong likelihood you’ll want something unique that “speaks” to you. If that’s the case, then why not drop into Broadway Tattoo in Glebe and have a chat with one of our artists. They can discuss with you the design you’d like, make suggestions, and provide guidance on how to achieve the exact tattoo you’re seeking. Whether it’s a small design or something more elaborate, our artists have the knowledge, skills and experience to create whatever you want. Give us a call today, or come into the store at 229 Broadway, Glebe.