Sydney Tattoo

Looking for a particular style tattoo artist? Sydney Tattoo has artists covering a variety of genres.

You've spent months deciding what and where you'd like to get tattooed. Should it go here? Should it go there? Will it be too big in that position? Now you finally have a design in mind and are ready to take the plunge. The only thing left to do is find a tattoo artist in Sydney that is perfect for the job. That is where Sydney Tattoo come in.

With our diverse range of Sydney tattoo artists, we have the right person for your job.

You wouldn't get a football coach to train a soccer team, would you? They would probably be okay at the job, but if you want to win, to be the best, then you'll go straight to the top and get the best soccer coach for the job, right? That's where Sydney Tattoo stands out from the rest. Our exclusive and varied range of Sydney tattoo artists help us to ensure that you have the most experienced, perfect person for your job.

If you're looking for scripture or cartoon-like pieces, come for a meeting with the best tattoo artists in Sydney in those areas of expertise. Perhaps an inspiring and meaningful portrait has been on your mind for a long time? Then meet with our professional portrait artist! Maybe you're looking for a tattoo that isn't merely black and grey but bursting with vibrancy and colour. The kind that turns heads and draws attention. It sounds like our passionate colour tattoo artists in Sydney are the perfect match for your tattoo ideas.

Looking for more than just another tattoo? Our Sydney tattoo artists can design your next piece.

You have an idea in mind, but you're no artist and can't seem to transfer those tattoo dreams to paper. It's hard enough trying to vocalise what you want! Come on down to our studio, and start the conversation. Our counter staff will help match you with an artist that suits the style you're after. Here, you can begin discussing your piece with them and let the creative design processes begin!

Our tattoo artists here in Sydney, will take your ideas and transfer them to paper, creating unique pieces of art especially for you and your body. Once you're completely satisfied with your one-off design, we'll book a session with that same tattoo artist in our Sydney studio, where they will bring your piece alive on the canvas of your body.

With no two humans alike, you want your tattoos to be that way too. At Sydney Tattoo, we don't merely take any job to get customers through the door. We spend time getting to know you and your design, to make completely sure that we are matching you with the best possible tattoo artist in Sydney for your creation. Call us today on (02) 9517 4190, and arrange a time to stop by our King Street studio.