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Styles of Tattoos at Sydney Tattoo Studios

Sydney Tattoos has three locations, two in Sydney and one in The Hills District. We pride ourselves on our friendly courteous staff and offer a clean environment with skilled tattoo artists. We prefer appointments but also take walk-ins. We love new customers and also enjoy serving our regulars!

There are many different recognised styles of tattoos. Many of our new clients lean toward one or two types or styles but do not recognise them as falling into one category or another. There is nothing wrong with mixing various styles, but it is helpful to come up with the perfect tattoo art for a new customer, once we glean a little insight into the styles they prefer.

There are almost as many styles of tattoos as there are tattoo studios. However, we our current focus is on the following styles of tattoo art:

  • Traditional Style tattoos contain solid black outlines and limited colours. They include fewer details than many other styles.
  • Neo-Traditional tattoos use bold outlines like Traditional style, but use a greater selection of colours and blending.
  • Tribal style tattoos usually only utilise black ink and the design often follows the contours of the body. This style has remained reasonably unchanged for centuries.
  • Dotwork is tattooing that used to be unique to the tattoo industry. However, many people are now familiar with the term "pixels" from television screens and computer printers and the dots used in Dotwork very much resemble the concept of how a television image is created.
  • Japanese style tattoos often cover large areas of the body. This style dates back many thousands of years and is identified by the images used and colours that follow the ancient traditions.
  • Geometric tattoo style utilises shapes that are arranged in a symmetrical and repetitive pattern to form a larger design. They may be three dimensional in appearance.
  • Photorealistic tattoo and portrait tattoos - these focus on depicting an existing image on the skin in an artful form. 

Body Art and Tattoos in Sydney

If you are interested in getting the cheapest tattoo possible, then we are probably not the tattoo studio for you. However, if you are interested in getting high quality custom artwork in a clean, comfortable setting, you should check out our tattoo studios in Sydney. You will receive artwork that you will be proud of for a lifetime that will be well worth the price. Just remember, don't blame us when you hate that huge tattoo that refers to a special someone, who no longer is special to you anymore! We didn't tell you to get his or her name across your chest, and it is not our fault that he or she ran off with your younger sibling!