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Don’t Waste Your Time on Amateur Shops, Visit King St Tattoo for the Best Tattoo Artists in Newtown

Tattoos are visually stunning designs that help you better express your unique point of view. From memorial tattoos to fun and creative designs, tattoos help us tell our story on our body through illustration and design. Finding the best and most professional tattoo artists to help make your tattoo concept a reality is the most important step in getting a tattoo you love.

The best tattoo shops in Newton all have the same thing in common: the best tattoo artists. Newton residents may find it difficult to sort through the large number of tattoo shops in the Newton district, but we can assure you, one shop stands out from all the rest.

King St Tattoo Studio Employs the Most Talented Tattoo Artists in Newton

King St Tattoo is one of the three tattoo shops owned by Sydney Tattoo, the best company for high quality street and custom tattoo designs. King St Tattoo is located in the heart of the artistic district in Newton at 192 King St. Our innovative tattoo artists are all highly experienced and creatively minded individuals, who will create a design you’re proud to sport.

We fully recognise that a tattoo is a permanent piece of art, and know that being involved in the process is the best way to set your mind at ease. We’re open every day, from 11am until midnight, and love answering your questions. We also offer consultations and have a tremendous library full of custom tattoo designs to help assist you in perfecting the design you have always wanted.

What Kind of Tattoos Do You Design and How Much Do They Cost?

Our talented tattoo artists in Newtown have the ability to create almost anything you can dream. We offer many fashionable tattoo styles, including Tribal, Polynesian, Japanese, Neo-Traditional, Watercolour, and New-School. Our artists are also highly skilled in creating beautiful colour tattoos, as well as greyscale or black ink tattoos.

King St Tattoo in Newton also loves creating custom designs, from your own artistic visions to memorial tattoos. We will spend as much time as needed creating your work of art until you're satisfied and excited to get it inked.

If you are environmentally conscious, you won’t have to worry about harming any animals during your tattoo process. We carry vegan ink to ensure your tattoo is completely cruelty-free.

Pricing is hard to determine without a consultation or visit, but all of our tattoo design services are fairly priced. We never overcharge and will always ensure you are happy with your completed design. The best way to get an accurate quote on tattoo pricing is to visit us and come up with a tattoo design and size with your tattoo artist.

We accept walk-in appointments and can also schedule your tattoo inking on a day that’s convenient for you. To get started, stop by our Newton shop or give us a call at (02) 9517-4190.