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The image proves persistent - pushing its way into every dream, demanding attention on those long drives to work. It’s a splash of colour and geometric lines, meant to weave its way across your arm (its meaning decipherable only to you). You want a tattoo. Every attempt to find a shop that offers the style you’ve created in your mind, however, ends in failure. No artist seems capable of delivering the look you want, and you resign yourself to bare skin.

We recommend trading resignation for success. As the leading tattoo shop in Alexandria, we believe that every client deserves a custom design - and our team strives to accommodate even the most unexpected requests, delivering a series of styles and techniques. We don’t just offer shapes and shading. We instead offer art, allowing everyone to express themselves.

With that expression comes a promise of experience. Our tattoo artists in Alexandria boast extensive industry knowledge - both in design and piercing. This ensures that every appointment is handled with care, with all safety procedures followed, and all client needs addressed (our use of vegan-friendly ink, for example, allows us to fully cater to all individuals). To learn more schedule an appointment today:

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Choosing an Alexandria Tattoo Shop: Our Styles

You are unique. Why then should you settle for a tattoo in Alexandria that's utterly conventional? Celebrate your design ideas with help from our artists. They provide a variety of style options, each tailored to your specific vision. These options include Japanese, geometric, dotwork, tribal, Americana, neo-traditional, portraits, and more.

Through these distinct styles, our artists deliver bold results - with every visit to our tattoo shop in Alexandria promising custom art consultations, precise colouring, and dedication to detail. Our team ensures that every line exceeds all expectations.

Wish to know more about our artists? Click here to see examples of their work and to learn more about their experiences.

Finding an Alexandria Tattoo Shop: Our Other Services

Self-expression demands more than a tattoo in Alexandria. It may also require piercings, with our team offering access to quality face and body services. We comply with all sterilisation demands, ensuring that every appointment is safely conducted; and we encourage our clients to transform themselves through more than artwork.

To schedule an appointment with our Industrial Strength team contact us today.

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The image is one of your own design - pieced together from moments that matter, drawn again and again on every available surface. It’s what you want. Allow us to provide it for you.

Contact our Alexandria tattoo shop today, discovering a compelling collection of techniques and services - all meant to showcase your custom design. Scheduled appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are welcome:


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